Sunday, May 16, 2010

Outlook 2007 Color Categorize Autohotkey

I use Outlook 2007 at work and was annoyed by the fact that assigning categories to items involved so many steps depending on the window you are in. I decided to write a simple Autohotkey script to solve my problem. The download below includes the script but I've also compiled it as an executable so people won't need to install Autohotkey to run it. Simply double-click the OutlookCategorize.exe file to run the script in the background.

To activiate the hotkey shortcut simply hit [winkey + s].

Depending on the window that currently has focus in outlook 2007 the script will send a series of keystrokes to open the Color Categories window. Allowing you to quickly assign multiple categories or create a new one for the item.

Works with Mail, Calendar, Contact, and Task items (Single edit mode and multiple selections)

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