Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seas of Rubber: The Truth About Tire Recycling

Just stumbled on this article this morning during my morning feed read.  I have some experience with tires as my brother Luc and I spent a couple of summers burning them at Lafarge.  (Actually Lafarge is where I had the pleasure of spraining my spine, something that still affects me from time to time and prevents me from getting disability insurance for my mortgage, but that's another story entirely.)

From the article:
One way in which tires are used is as a fuel source for generating power, but this is very inefficient, not to say questionable in terms of emissions. Incineration occurs at higher temperatures than coal and produces 25% more energy, but since burning a ton of tires produces almost the same amount of carbon, it is hardly eco-friendly.
Image via Tyremil

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