Friday, July 23, 2010

Doubt: A History

Just listened to episode 71 of Radio Freethinker with a segment featuring an interview at TAM with Jennifer Michael Hecht who wrote Doubt: A History

Aside from the interesting notion that cosmopolitanism is a cataclysm for skepticism I also found the following reply from Hechlt when asked if she thinks religion will ever become obsolete (30:37) really insightful:
I don't think religion is going to become obsolete but I think theism might. So I think that religion came up with a couple of things which are profoundly important. Religion is the repository of human thinking about how to get into a certain kinda mood through physical behaviors: the praying, the ritual, the meetings, the community, the meditations.  And that mood is still very precious to human beings and it is a very real part of being human. 

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