Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mont-Tremblant Hike

Just completed my first official snowshoe hike in the Mont-Tremblant National Park today.  I opted to tackle the most difficult of the trails, Mont-des-Cascades (R3 & R1 below), to give myself a challenge. The skies were clear and sunny but the -22 degrees Celsius temperature was a little daunting.

First leg of the hike.
A very challenging 2.2km hike up the mountain to about 700m elevation.  I opted to go to the first lookout even though the trail looked very raw.  Saw lots of bunny and what I assume to be wolf tracks on this leg of the hike.  Even though I had snowshoes on I managed to sink into a snow drift to about waist high.

Second leg of the hike.
A nice 1.4km hike downhill for the most part but I was starved and ready for a break.  I came across the Refuge du Geai-Bleu where I found some shelter and provisions to build a fire so I could eat my two granola bars and thaw out my bottle of Gatorade. Stayed put for about 30 minutes, just enough time to warm up.

Third leg of the hike.
Hit the second lookout of the hike after about 1.3km of mostly climbing.  At this point I was pretty much out of energy and ready to call it a day...

Final leg of the hike.
The rest of the hike was a very pleasant and leisurely 1.7km downhill.  I was actually able to enjoy the view of the woods and the temperature had risen to about -13 degrees Celsius. I was back at the car for about 1:30pm. 

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