Monday, December 26, 2011

Cognitive Biases Mnemosyne Deck & Wallpapers

In an attempt to improve my ability to recognize cognitive biases in myself and others around me I've created a Mnemosyne deck based on the Visual Study Guide to Congnitive Biases that is derived from the Wikipedia page on the subject. I use the iSRS iPhone app to do a quick review of the cards when on the go.  I've also created 11 wallpapers from the visual study guide and use them as part of the image pool in my desktop background slide show.

Download Cognitive Biases Mnemosyne Deck (104 cards).
Download Cognitive Biases Wallpapers (11 images).

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I've been slowly going through the Michael Sandel Justice lectures at Harvard and enjoying them tremendously.  I was knocked off my ass laughing when I noticed that Spiderman was in the audience during lecture #6 on Immanuel Kant .
Spiderman attending justice lecture at Harvard

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bear Bells aren't as awesome as they sound

I first came across the idea of a bear bell when I was researching what gear I should be taking with me on a hike in the Mont-Tremblant national park.  The idea that I could have something with me that could generate enough lethal noise as to ward off a bear conjured up images of something along the lines of a sound canon similar to what was recently used during certain Occupy Wall Street protests in the states.

Imaginary Bear Bell
So without actually looking up what a bear bell looks like I ventured off the the hardware store to pick one up. Needless to say I was sadly disappointed...

Actual Bear Bell
This thing looks more like a diner bell than anything else.  If I was a bad ass bear in the woods stompin' around and I heard this I'd probably think it was snack time.