Friday, December 2, 2011

Bear Bells aren't as awesome as they sound

I first came across the idea of a bear bell when I was researching what gear I should be taking with me on a hike in the Mont-Tremblant national park.  The idea that I could have something with me that could generate enough lethal noise as to ward off a bear conjured up images of something along the lines of a sound canon similar to what was recently used during certain Occupy Wall Street protests in the states.

Imaginary Bear Bell
So without actually looking up what a bear bell looks like I ventured off the the hardware store to pick one up. Needless to say I was sadly disappointed...

Actual Bear Bell
This thing looks more like a diner bell than anything else.  If I was a bad ass bear in the woods stompin' around and I heard this I'd probably think it was snack time.

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